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Words of Recommendation – Pastor Robert Morris


「私は福音を恥としません。福音は,ユダヤ人をはじめギリシャ人にも,信じるすべての人に救いをもたらす神の力です。」 ゲートウェイ・チャーチはこの「ユダヤ人をはじめに」という原則の上に建てられているのです。



ロバート•モリス (ゲート・ウェイ・チャーチ 創立主任牧師)

I am often asked why Gateway Church is so blessed. There are numerous reasons, but I believe the greatest key to God’s blessing has been our love and commitment to Israel. Paul wrote, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16). Gateway Church is built on this principle.

It is my privilege to send Pastor Wayne Wilks to your 2019 conference from Gateway Church. I know he and his team will be a wonderful encouragement to you and the leaders attending your conference.

I pray God blesses this conference abundantly and that the Lord gives the Church in Japan a greater love for Israel.

Robert Morris (Founding Senior Pastor of Gateway Church)



Words of Recommendation – Pastor Jack Hayford

Jack HayfordJPF大会については,私も過去に数回お招きいただき,日本の牧師先生方に奉仕させていただいたことは,とても光栄なことであり,今でも良い思い出となっております。




I have fond memories of my times with you at the JPF Conferences. It was always a special honor to be invited several times to speak to the leaders of the church in Japan.

What a joy it is to hear that the theme of your conference next year is “Israel and the Church.” During all of the years of my service as senior pastor of The Church On The Way, included in our church’s central values, was our stance as friends of Israel—honoring and supporting Israel as God’s chosen people.

I would like to encourage you, as church leaders from all across Japan, to make a special effort to attend the JPF Conference 2019. I believe a biblical understanding clearly calls us to this stance, timelessly; especially at such a time in history in which we all currently share.

Your brother in Christ, Jack Hayford